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Only Loshinator and yoshisaredragons are currently affiliated with Lum Gaming, anyone else is faking.

Yes yes,  we made a Red and Blue series.

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Yoshi's second Flash Game Review

OMGPOP series up on yoshi's channel

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Yoshi's Second Cartoon Review, Gravity Falls Belongs to Disney.

Minecraft Randomness is a brand spanking new minecraft series!

Yoshis First Cartoon Review. Regular show belongs to cartoon network, All Rights Reserved

Yoshis new cartoon review series coming soon!

Yoshis comic is coming along nicely, with new character designs and will probably be done by the 2nd of december (keep in mind yoshi has tons of stuff to do, and this comic is an addition, not priority.)

Loshinator and I shamaylaned our way into a forest, now we have to escape a afaceless monster. I bet water kills him :3

Yoshi's First flash game rev

Yoshi's my little pony review up now on his channel.

Hope you enjoy!

FINALLY after a year of waiting, Loshin and I can finally beat some robots in the tf2 universe!

Yoshis View

Loshins View

Loshin and I are starting a side series called Mine Z, where we play on the server, well minez, we're not sure how many episodes will spawn from this, but the first episode was pretty damn fun..

A tour of loshin and I's village, including our house.

The second episode in our adventure, again not much, just me trollin.

1st episode of our minecraft adventure. We didnt do much, actually we did nothing, but it was still a fun game.

YOU'RE SEEING RIGHT, Loshin and I are starting a new minecraft lets play, because nobody else has before. We also have a side series called minecraft Z.

      Yoshi's :http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198058863377/

      Loshins: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198044024182

Loshiins latest video, celebrating a 100 subscribers.